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Eximore is revolutionizing the delivery and efficacy of eye medication. Our innovative punctal plug significantly increases patient compliance and optimizes consistent dosing, therefore reducing the risk of vision loss and improving patient outcomes for a range of ophthalmic conditions.


Overcoming the Challenges of Ophthalmic Drug Delivery

Prescribing eye drops is the standard of care today used by physicians to treat conditions such as glaucoma and dry eye. However, eye drops are not the most effective or efficient means of drug delivery. Patient non-compliance, deviation from the therapeutic window and overuse are known challenges to the efficacy of eye drops. These challenges lead to vision loss or suboptimal outcomes that cannot be effectively controlled or monitored by a physician. Additionally, patients can experience side effects from preservatives contained in eye drops.

Alternatives to eye drops have been attempted, yet to date, these novel attempts have faced design and regulatory challenges.

At Eximore, we have a solution that overcomes these challenges.

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Eximore’s Integrated “Pack & Release” Drug Delivery System

Eximore has developed a non-invasive patented punctal plug drug delivery system that addresses the challenges of eye drops while also overcoming the challenges of plug design. Eximore is leveraging the high retention, tolerability and safety of today’s well-proven conventional punctal plugs in the design of its novel plug that uses nano-particle technology to mold drug into the actual plug itself. This integrated “pack & release” delivery system results in:

  • Accurate dosing & sustained release of active drug to the surface of the eye
  • No preservatives
  • Mono- or combo-therapy in a single plug
  • Non-invasive procedure; plug inserted in the doctor’s office
The science behind the technology

Nano-based Drug Delivery

Eximore’s innovative approach uses patented technology to actually mold active drug into the nano-layered plug itself, leveraging the permeability/porosity of the plug. The result is sustained release of medication that unlocks new potential to improve outcomes for chronic conditions such as glaucoma and dry eye syndrome.


First, natural
tears dissolve and diffuse active drug through the plug’s composite nano-channel

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Second, tears distribute and deliver active drug to the eye for effective and better targeted treatment

Sustained release is a result of bio-engineering the permeability
and porosity of the “pack & release” plug.

Eximore’s Pipeline

  • EXP-LP

    Learn more about Eximore’s lead program, focused on treating glaucoma and ocular hypertension (OHT).

  • EXP-TC

    Learn more about Eximore’s second program, focused on treating dry eye syndrome.

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Key Benefits

Design & Manufacturing

  • Simple and robust process
  • Easy to scale-up
  • Favorable cost of goods
  • Composite can be molded into other sizes or designs
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